Cajun Persuasion - Fish Hippie does the Louisiana Marsh


There's not much down here in South Loosy-ann... Bring enough fuel and food and you better damn sure not run out of beer.


1800 miles round trip, 2 Hells Bay skiffs, 5 days. This should be good.

Rolling into town for a week in the Bayou.

It's always a plus to have that one friend that loves to cook - no ramen or microwave meals this week.

 Out here on the end of the earth, you can pole all day and see more fish than fishing boats. Just the way it should be.

Weather can be finicky in Winter but if you hit a good window, things can get silly. Sight fishing giant redfish on fly...that's why we're here.

30 pounds of ticked off glory - these reds are no slouches when it comes to fighting. A few photos followed by a healthy release then it's on to the next.

And the next...


Another line clearing boatside run. Get some bow time, catch a fish, switch anglers, repeat (drink beer as needed). Thats how the good days go!

Before heading out of town for good, it's a must to take a "weather day" up to the big city and sample some of the fresh local table fare.

Winding back through the marsh for the last time this trip. There's a lot to think about on these long runs. Crack a beer, turn up the tunes and talk about the next time we'll be back here - got a feelin' we may not wait so long to come back again.