Cabin Bluff


The world is a busy place these days. Sometimes we just need to turn off the phone, quiet the distractions and get away from it all. We just so happen to know of a place that fits that bill. Hop on I-95 and run just about all the way to Florida. Then, hang a left and you’ll practically run into the 24,000 acre southern paradise that is Cabin Bluff.

Cabin Bluff was founded by automobile pioneer Howard E. Coffin in 1928, but the heritage of this tract of land dates back nearly a century more. The original owners of the property were the Floyd family of the Sea Island Cotton company. They founded The Camden Hunt Club in 1827 on the property where Cabin Bluff now sits. Many credit this as being the first members-only hunting club in the United States. Shortly after the Civil War, the Floyd family left the property and the pines grew tall, bringing in logging operations until Mr. Coffin purchased the property in 1927.

cabin bluff

Mr. Coffin created Cabin Bluff to be an escape from the exhaustion of business; even with expanding roadways and an ever-increasing number of cell phone towers, the sanctity of this special place has remained intact. Under the care of Mr. Coffin, the retreat garnered quite a reputation for hosting United States presidents, well-to-do industrialists, and folks who enjoyed the finer points of the sporting lifestyle. President Calvin Coolidge was a frequent visitor of the property, his photograph still graces the wall in one of the main lodges.

cabin bluff

Today, Cabin Bluff is one of our favorite destinations and we had the honor of attending several events there this year. Fish Hippie even won their Tarpon Cup! The accommodations are truly top shelf, with cabins that are as luxurious as they are historic. The sporting clay course is one of our favorite ways to pass the time on the property, not to mention a great excuse to try out their large selection of fine Beretta shotguns. There is a spa, golf course, swimming pool, and a fine pub that we may or may not have spent a few nights in swapping stories well into the AM hours. So should you be in need of a place to unwind and pretend that you’re a distinguished sportsman of the early 20th century, Cabin Bluff would be at the top of our recommendations. Check out their website here:

cabin bluff

Historic images courtesy of Cabin Bluff